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Has your tooth been damaged through an accident,

Root Canal Therapy may be the only way to repair your tooth if it has been badly damaged by an infection. If left untreated, the infection may spread to the nerves and surrounding tissues and cause nausea, fever and difficulty swallowing. Contact us on 02 9634 2261 to enquire about our Root Canal services or schedule an appointment by filling out the contact form below.

Avoid teeth extractions, book your root canal treatment today.
Has your tooth been damaged through an accident, decay or gum disease? Are you experiencing intense pain, pain that wakes you up at night or pain with hot foods/drinks? With the help of root canal therapy, our highly skilled and compassionate dentists at Complete Smiles Bella Vista can save your tooth and restore it to its natural glory.

You may experience some mild soreness for a couple of days, but standard pain relief such as Panadol is usually all that is needed.

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What is Root Canal Therapy, why do I need it?

Every tooth has an internal nerve or pulp. When this becomes inflamed or infected, it can often cause severe swelling and pain within the root of the tooth where the nerve lies. This can happen as a result of tooth cracks, chipping the tooth and exposing the nerve, decay, excessive or deep fillings and in some cases, severe trauma.

In Order to salvage the tooth and ensure extraction of the tooth is our last possible choice, our highly skilled dentists will often suggest root canal therapy. This involves removal of the affected nerve and the bacteria within the root canals of the tooth leading to

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Returned ability to eat without pain
  • Avoid removal of the tooth

Signs you may need root canal therapy

If you are suffering from the following, please call our friendly team at Complete Smiles Bella Vista as soon as possible to avoid extractions and further complications

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The cost of your root canal therapy will vary, depending on factors such as where your infected tooth is situated in your mouth, and how complex your individual situation is. Molar teeth will typically have 3 to 4 canals and therefore cost more as they will be more complex and time consuming.

Depending on the complexity of the tooth structure or the degree of infection, our dentists may recommend a specialist referral. Rest assured we only refer to the best possible specialists to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience.You can be completely unaware that you may have an infected tooth. Pain is just one sign that you may need root canal treatment, which is why we recommend you attend regular appointments with our friendly team at Complete Smiles Bella Vista, allowing us to check for signs of any problems such as infection.

Root canal treatment process

At the initial appointment, an X-ray is taken to assess the severity of the case and the individual shape of the canal.  The tooth in question is then numbed using local anesthetic to ensure a pain free and comfortable procedure. The infected tissue and bacteria are then carefully removed from the root of the tooth and the tooth then carefully and thoroughly disinfected, cleaned and shaped. A medicament may then be left in the tooth for a period of two to four weeks to ensure complete bacterial removal and healing.

At the second appointment, a sealing paste is used to fill the canals and a filling placed. Sometimes a significant amount of pulp is removed through the root canal treatment. Structurally, this needs to be addressed to ensure a strong, long lasting restoration with an aesthetically pleasing outcome. In most cases this means the tooth will require a crown or tooth coloured cap to provide the strength and aesthetics. Our highly skilled and friendly dentists can also offer a variety of cosmetic plans if this tooth is visible in your smile.

Do you have a broken tooth, constant pain, or one with an abscess? Putting off a necessary root canal can quickly result in loss of your entire tooth. If you suspect that your tooth has been severely damaged, or is suffering from an abscess, then it’s best to contact our friendly staff immediately. We provide emergency appointments each day, and can easily work you into our normal schedule to assess your needs.

Can I put off root canal therapy?
Root canal treatment should never be put off. Untreated tooth infections can result in severe abscesses that spread to other teeth or even cause emergency hospitalization. The weakened structure of the non-vital tooth can also break or fracture to a point that is beyond repair and may require extraction. Quick treatment will provide the best results and help you keep your tooth for years to come.

Will I need any other treatments with my root canal?
All teeth treated with a root canal must also have a crown placed over the tooth following the treatment. This protects the brittle enamel and disperses forces evenly over the tooth to prevent fractures.You may experience some mild soreness for a couple of days, but standard pain relief such as Panadol is usually all that is needed.

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