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Do you have a gap that annoys you?

A fixed bridge is a good treatment option for almost any patient who is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, but still has some natural teeth and is in decent oral health. Contact us on 02 9634 2261 to enquire about our Porcelain Bridge services or schedule an appointment by filling out the contact form below.

Fill that gap with a natural looking alternative that isn’t a denture.
Do you have a gap that annoys you? Always eating on one side because you have missing teeth? Looking for a permanent solution that isn’t a denture? A Porcelain bridge could be both the functional, and cosmetic answer you’ve been looking for.

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How a Porcelain bridge works

As the name suggests, porcelain bridges are tooth restorations that are made to resemble and function like normal teeth, whilst bridging the gap left by one or more missing teeth. Bridges are custom made to fit into your mouth and modelled on your natural teeth to give an outstanding cosmetic result that will not only look good, but also feel great and last. Unlike dentures, they are permanently in place and won’t fall out.

Our porcelain bridges are custom made and are securely attached to the neighboring teeth either side of the gap providing a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing result. This also ensures their strength and stability.

you may wish to consider dental implants as an option

Alternatively, you may wish to consider dental implants as an option. Talk to our friendly dental team to find out which solution is best for you. Our highly skilled and friendly dentists will be able to give your mouth a full assessment and make a personalized plan and recommendation for you and your overall needs.

If you’re worried about tooth loss or a gap that is embarrassing or making it hard to chew properly, don’t delay, give our friendly team a call now. Give yourself the smile you deserve.

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