Whitening- In Chair Vs Take Home Whitening

Whitening- In Chair Vs Take Home Whitening
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Professional teeth whitening Explained

Teeth whitening has become more and more mainstream in society with several companies now offering both at home kits and professional whitening carried out by dentists. It is so important to understand the products you are using and how to get the most out of them. So, let’s take a look at both options available;

In chair whitening vs. Take Home whitening

When looking at teeth whitening from the viewpoint of ease of use and time required, in chair or dental whitening carried out by a professional dentist such as Zoom in chair whitening will provide an immediate result without the hassle of a continued daily application. This is due to the fact that with a professional whitening system carried out by a specialist, they are able to utilize a much higher peroxide percentage bleach. Often, standard whitening treatments are carried out in less than an hour and a half, providing a quick, whiter brighter smile.By comparison, home whitening systems, while more affordable, rely on you to carry out the treatment twice a day for up to two weeks. This is again due to the hydrogen peroxide levels, those in take home kits being significantly lower than that of professional in chair whitening systems.

You also cannot compare whitening products without looking at safety considerations. When looking at safety, it is obvious that any treatment carried out by a specialist will be much safer than a treatment carried out at home.A specialist will also have the appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses, bleach neutralising gels and the appropriate soft tissues and lip protection. There is also the added benefit of a specialist being able to help with any sensitivity experienced during whitening treatments. In saying this, if your dentist takes the time to show you how to use a take home kit, they can be quite safe provided the appropriate precautions are taken at all times.


The final consideration when determining the best whitening choice is cost. Whilst not always a concern, it is worth considering as whitening treatment costs will vary quite significantly. In chair whitening treatments carried out by a professional will always attract a higher cost due to the extra level of care, protection, ease and speed of treatment with higher peroxide percentages available.

Take home kits by the same token are more modestly priced to reflect the extra time needed, the upkeep required, repeated applications and the much lower peroxide percentages.
It is also important to consider the type of staining you have. Some stains are harder to remove than others and whilst a take home kit may seem more appealing, they are less equipped to remove the deep stains within the tooth from years of coffee or smoking etc.

The final verdict;

In chair whitening carried out by a specialist has been known to deliver a much brighter whiter smile in much less time, whilst also providing a longer lasting result. With this being said, if you have the time and commitment to follow through with take home whitening and the daily applications required, they can prove to be quite useful and give long lasting results.

With whitening, it will always come down to getting what you pay for. It’s worth investing in a quality dentist that takes the time to explain the treatments to you and gives you a clear demonstration. It’s also wise to consult a specialist as they will advise the days required to avoid certain foods and drinks, often it’s the foods you least suspect that can do the most damage to your lovely whitening result.

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