5 Advantages of Invisible trays over Braces

5 Advantages of Invisible trays over Braces
by: admin I 07 Apr 18 I Healthy Teeth

There have been many advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry. However perhaps the most exciting so far is the creation of clear or invisible braces. For many people this is a god send! Not only can crooked teeth make you feel less confident in your smile and appearance, they can also make cleaning quite difficult.

Previously we would simply straighten the teeth using traditional metal braces or “train tracks” as they were known. However, most patients found them to not only be uncomfortable, but also quite unsightly. This was made even worse for adults who required teeth straightening. This all changed with the advent of Clear trays or invisible braces.

Five clear reasons to choose a clear tray system such as Invisalign over traditional braces;


Clear trays afford the patient the ability to lead a normal life by allowing the patient to remove the trays when necessary. This includes a special event or night out. No more unsightly photos or hiding your smile!


Metal braces are very noticeable, even more so for adults who cringe at the idea of wearing metal braces. They also have the ability to get food caught in between them, leading to awkward conversations where someone points this out to you.  Clear trays are virtually invisible and can be worn anywhere, at any time!


Conventional metal braces contain metal brackets, elastics and metal wires. Not only can the wire or bracket dislodge, but they can also become quite sharp often poking into the cheek or tongue leading to severe discomfort. Since they also trap food, they can lead to increased decay and gum disease if not correctly cleaned after every meal. Clear trays are molded to your teeth to give a comfortable firm feel without causing irritation. Making them easier to wear leading to faster treatment times than conventional braces.

Shorter treatment times

Clear trays can work in less than three months for simple cases and often in less than 18 months for more complex treatment.

Knowing exactly what you will get

Perhaps the best part of clear trays such as Invisalign or Smile Tru, and the most exciting for the patient is that you can digitally plan your smile. This gives you not only a road map that we can track and follow, but also allows you to glimpse into the future to see exactly how your smile will look at completion. Metal braces cannot offer this degree of design or ability to see the final result.

What are you waiting for, get the smile you’ve always wanted today! Our friendly staff are available to discuss your concerns and queries to provide the best possible treatment for you. We also offer payment plans to help you get your smile sooner rather than later Give our staff a call on 9634 2261 today!