Fillings help prevent further decay. We'll help decide what's best for you.

Do you still have silver fillings?

Have you noticed the cracks or discolouration of the teeth with those unsightly silver fillings in them? Many of our patients at Complete Smiles Bella Vista will often elect to have these fillings replaced with a more aesthetic white filling. At your regular checkups, our highly skilled dentists will let you know when these silver fillings are beginning to break down and should be considered for replacement

Remember, the longer you leave that small niggling pain in that tooth, the larger the problem can become. So call us today to book your check up and clean with x-rays, and get that healthy, confident, amazing smile you deserve.

Do you have sore teeth, or experience sensitivity to cold and sweets? Maybe it’s an old unsightly filling that bothers you the most. At Complete Smiles Bella Vista, we provide several comprehensive, reliable treatments to repair those sore, sensitive, broken teeth, providing you with a smile that not only looks great, but gives your confidence and peace of mind.

The most common signs of tooth decay involve sensitivity or pain on biting. However, some broken teeth and cavities will have no warning signs at all and can go undiagnosed for months or even years. This is why regular visits to Complete Smiles Bella Vista are so important. With regular visits and dental x-rays to see what’s hidden under the surface, it allows our dentists to catch those problems as early as possible.

By addressing tooth decay as early as possible, it allows our dentists at Complete Smiles Bella Vista to keep your treatments as minimal as possible whilst preserving the most amount of tooth. White or composite dental fillings will help to regain the lost strength and structure of a broken down tooth and will provide a natural looking final filling. Each filling placed by our dentists is carefully colour matched and contoured to your natural anatomy to blend in and perform the way a normal tooth should. White or composite fillings not only look better, but they can be placed in areas that traditional silver fillings cannot.