Hayden | Orthodontics and Veneers

Hayden | Orthodontics and Veneers

Our patient Hayden came in wanting to transform his smile. After an initial smile consultation, Hayden opted for the combination of both clear aligners and porcelain veneers to achieve his ideal look.

Through a detailed orthodontic, whitening and veneer process, we started the treatment with clear aligners, which helped move the teeth into a better position. This paved the way for the porcelain veneers to sit nicely and create a perfectly straight smile. Whilst Hayden was wearing the clear trays, bleaching was also carried out to help whiten his teeth as much as possible prior to preparing his teeth for veneers.

Following the successful orthodontic result, we began the third and final step, veneers. With the teeth now bleached and in the best possible position cosmetically, we were then able to accurately assess Hayden’s smile.

Seeing his new smile, Hayden opted for ten veneers in the top row, under the professional guidance and recommendation of Dr. Hanna.

Thanks to the incredible results of the aligners and whitening in the previous stages of the makeover, veneers were not essential to the bottom row.

As an important start to the veneer process, we began with a series of digital photos and measurements of both the teeth and Hayden’s face to achieve the ideal proportions whilst maintaining a completely unique and individualised approach.

We then transferred our digital design to a wax-up to help adjust and contour the final design according to the exact look Hayden was after.

The perfect porcelain veneers were then custom-made and cemented, producing the final amazing result you now see.

We can see that each tooth is full of characterisation and helps to create a more natural look, one that fits Hayden’s smile and personality to a tee!


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