Clinton | Porcelain Veneers

Clinton | Porcelain Veneers

Clinton came to us originally having three veneers, wanting a new smile he could be proud of. Initially, Clinton thought veneering all the teeth would be ideal however after several discussions we decided the best option would be to begin with clear trays, to move the teeth in the best possible position.

This allowed us to make the veneers as thin and natural as possible with the correct contouring and sizing. This also put the bottom teeth in the correct alignment allowing us to avoid placing veneers on the bottom.

After some whitening was carried out, we then tried our new smile design before beginning any preparation of the teeth. As we can see from the final photo, the veneers and new smile match our mock-up to a tee and finally gave Clint that nice, white, confident smile he had been after.


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