Bianca | Porcelain Veneers

Bianca | Porcelain Veneers

Bianca came to see us concerned about her smile. She felt she couldn’t smile in front of people and this was starting to affect her outgoing personality.

After several discussions with Bianca regarding her concerns and ideal smile type, we began working on creating a custom, one of a kind smile.

This began with a full photo and video series to capture every possible facial expression and quirk to ensure our new smile looked amazing and natural from every angle. After designing the smile we then tried it in with a mock up. Adjustments were then made with the mock up in place to ensure the veneers were an ideal fit, both in terms of size and shape, and that they complemented Bianca’s individual facial features.

We can see from the final result that her smile not only closely mirrored the initial design, but that clearly it changed her whole appearance. Bianca has not stopped smiling since and we were pleased to be a part of a completely unique and individualised smile.


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