Agnes | Orthodontics

Agnes | Orthodontics

Agnes is a lovely lady who first came to see us about the gaps in her teeth. Originally wanting veneers, we discussed exactly what Agnes was wanting to achieve.

We found that Agnes actually had lovely teeth in what we considered to be the perfect size and shape, just with a few extra spaces. Together, we chose to go down the path of clear trays to straighten the teeth along with some bonding of edges at completion, to get rid of the chipped edges. We can see from her smile at the end of treatment that we clearly made the right choice.

It is always important to be open and honest with your dentist about what you are wanting to achieve. We far surpassed Agnes’ expectations without having to go down the path of veneers. Every treatment at Complete Smiles Bella Vista is tailored to the individual, because at our clinic, everyone is unique!


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