If you have broken down, chipped or damaged teeth, our highly skilled and friendly dentists at Complete Smiles Bella Vista can use cosmetic porcelain crowns to repair your teeth and give you a confident healthy smile you can be proud of. These cosmetic porcelain crowns are used extensively in cosmetic and general dentistry to rebuild the teeth in a functional and aesthetic manner.

What are Porcelain crowns ?

Porcelain crowns are strong, long-lasting ceramic restorations that cover broken down teeth providing strength whilst also preserving the tooth underneath. The crown recreates the visible portion of the tooth and it is imperative that aesthetics match those of the surrounding teeth to create a balanced, harmonious appearance using the principles of smile design and cosmetic dentistry.

Once a tooth is strengthened by a crown, it will have its complete function restored. No more painful biting or chewing, no more hiding your smile due to cracks, chips or badly discoloured teeth.

Crowns can also be used when a filling is not suitable due to weakness of the tooth structure. They can also alleviate the need to extract a damaged tooth by adding strength and durability with a cosmetically pleasing appearance.

Putting off treatment for a dental crown can allow weakened parts of the tooth enamel to break apart, exposing the nerve or even fracturing the tooth beyond repair. The quicker you seek out treatment, the more likely we can salvage the tooth. Call our friendly staff to arrange your appointment today. Our dedicated and highly skilled dentists can give you a long lasting cosmetic replacement giving you confidence in your happy healthy smile!

Frequently asked questions

Can’t the tooth just have a filling?

Fillings are only appropriate if there is enough healthy tooth left on the sides of the filling to support it during normal everyday use. If you have broken down enamel, chipping or decay that compromises a significant portion of the tooth, a full coverage restoration is the best way to preserve and strengthen the tooth.

Why are crowns more expensive than fillings?

A crown is a more complicated restoration than a filling, needing more laboratory time and more expensive materials than standard fillings. They are cosmetically more pleasing and much stronger than standard fillings. They last significantly longer and are considered to be the gold standard in dentistry.

Are there any potential side effects from having a dental crown?

In some instances, having your tooth prepared for a crown can lead to stress of the nerve and may cause the nerve to become inflamed. If the tooth does not settle, it may require root canal therapy.