Who says your smile is just about having perfect teeth? Dr Hanna and his team at Complete Smiles Bella Vista provide an all-encompassing approach to dental health that can not only give you that perfect smile, but also help retain a youthful appearance in the process. Our facial muscles deteriorate over time resulting in lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth. In recent years and due to growing demand, cosmetic injectables have been designed to not only combat wrinkles and lines but also to help with serious issues such as clenching and grinding as well as gummy smiles. These non-invasive treatments are easily completed in a quick and easy appointment and without the need for significant surgeries.

Why choose Dr Hanna

In actuality, there really is no one more qualified to perform lip or facial treatments than a dentist. We have dedicated our careers to studying the facial anatomy and understand the facial proportion’s required to give our patients the full package. We understand what it takes to make a smile not only beautiful, but also natural.

Our techniques for injections and anaesthetics have been honed over many years of clinical practice specifically for the treatments involving the head, neck and mouth.

All work is carried out by Dr Hanna with no delegation of work to any other staff members.

Through their studies and continued lecture and surgery attendances, dentists, more than most, understand the importance of a detailed medical history and the impacts any medications may have on specific treatments.

Having a passion for smile design and cosmetic makeover has led to Dr Hanna developing expertise of the interrelationships between the gums, lips and muscles that create the overall package. Having devoted his career to further understanding this relationship, Dr Hanna has developed a certain skill set that makes him perfectly suited to be entrusted with giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Injectable fillers

Sinking cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth are the first tell-tale signs in loss of volume. Injectable dermal fillers and lip enhancements can provide a quick and easy solution to reducing your appearance without invasive surgery.

With Cosmetic lip enhancement, a completely natural dermal filler is used to not only enhance the shape and definition of the lips, but strategic placement of the filler can also lead to increased volume and a more youthful appearance perfectly complimenting your new smile. After careful evaluation of your lips and smile by Dr Hanna and his specialised team, specific injection sites and volumes are used to create the perfectly proportioned lips to compliment your face and smile. Lip enhancement can be used to achieve;

  • Fuller more luscious lips
  • Soften the wrinkles around the lips leading to a softer appearance
  • Raising of the corners of the lips removing the pursed lips or scowled look
  • Increased definition of the ‘V’ below the nose and above the centre of the lip

Fillers can also be used to add volume and shape to other areas of the face. Dermal fillers work by adding volume to sunken or wrinkled areas and can give you a more youthful appearance. They can be used with great skill to achieve beautiful natural aesthetic results that are as unique and complimentary to you as your smile. While the results can last for months, they are not permanent, allowing you the affordability to simply cease treatment when you wish.

Wrinkle Relaxants – Bot.x

Our Sydney clinic at Complete Smiles Bella Vista are proud to be able to provide our patients with a quick and painless way to get rid of those wrinkles fast with predictable and reliable results, every time. We use only the best medically approved products to ensure that you always leave feeling younger and looking your best

Dr Hanna and his staff strive to always raise the standard with dental and cosmetic makeovers. Our clientele are given first class treatment with a personalised service from the second they enter our state of the art facilities. Our commitment is to always deliver and make every visit memorable for all the right reasons. Our tireless commitment to excellence is what makes us one of Sydney’s premier cosmetic dental practices.

Gummy smile treatment

No longer satisfied with your smile, feel like your showing too much gum and not enough pearly whites? This is what’s commonly referred to as a gummy smile. Whilst there are many possible explanations for this such as short teeth, protrusive upper jaw, over active facial muscles or even a combination of all of these, there is a quick and easy treatment that Dr Hanna and his team at Cosmetic Smiles Bella Vista can provide.

Using injectable’s to relax specific facial muscles will help reduce the amount that your lips can be raised when you talk or smile, drastically reducing that gummy appearance. Not only is this treatment fast and effective, it is also performed in a comfortable setting by Dr Hanna who has spent his career studying the anatomy of the facial muscles and mouth. Dr Hanna has years of clinical experience delivering smile and facial makeovers to all of his patients with beautiful consistent results.

Clenching and grinding

Are you experiencing jaw pain on a regular basis, often waking up with sore teeth or a clicking jaw? Have you been told that you grind at night? Have you started to notice a worsening neck or back pain as a result of constant grinding. Dr Hanna and his team at Complete Smiles Bella Vista can offer you a quick, long lasting and pain free option to finally relieve your pain.

The use of muscle relaxants can help to alleviate the discomfort of TMJ pain and grinding. Muscle relaxants can help to relax the muscles and preventing them from tensing to full capacity. This allows the relief of jaw pain, migraines and headaches as well as clenching and grinding of teeth. Patients still retain the ability to chew, speak and express facial emotions as they did before. By preventing clenching and grinding not only are we able to alleviate the common and felt symptoms, but we can also safe guard against future damage to the teeth such as enamel wear, chipping and even fracture of the tooth often resulting in extraction.

The effects of muscle relaxants are quick to act and provide relief, often lasting up to 6 months. They are often felt within 24 – 48 hours of treatment, while the full benefits of treatment are often felt within 10 days.