Gummy smile treatment

08 Apr 18
No longer satisfied with your smile, feel like your showing too much gum and not enough pearly whites? This is what’s commonly referred to as a gummy smile. Whilst there are many possible explanations for this such as short teeth, protrusive upper jaw, over active facial muscles or even a combination of all of these, there is a quick and easy treatment that Dr Hanna and his team at Cosmetic Smiles Bella Vista can provide. Using injectable’s to relax specific facial muscles will help reduce the amount that your lips can be raised when you talk or smile, drastically reducing that gummy appearance. Not only is this treatment fast and effective, it is also performed in a comfortable setting by Dr Hanna who has spent his career studying the anatomy of the facial muscles and mouth. Dr Hanna has years of clinical experience delivering smile and facial makeovers to all of his patients with beautiful consistent results.