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Why Invisalign is a Better Option Than Traditional Braces

03 Dec 19 Healthy Teeth
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The days of using traditional metal braces for orthodontic treatment are gone. That conspicuous braces used to be one of the most common reasons to turn off the kids, especially teenagers. Dental technology has evolved focusing on providing a more comfortable solution to several dental conditions. With Invisalign the teeth are given support from inside and unlike traditional braces, they remain invisible from outside. Invisalign is considered to be one of the best orthodontics for children, let’s see why.

Reasons For Choosing Invisalign:

Removable trays:

Trays are easily removable without any professional help. When children can easily remove their aligners, they can also maintain their oral hygiene routine. Tooth decay and cavities can be prevented with proper dental hygiene. With removable aligners, it is also easy for the dentist to perform routine check-ups. The only thing that children need to ensure is to put aligners inside their case when removed from the mouth.

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Children can eat what they want:

There is no need to restrict your diet with Invisalign. Children are allowed to eat anything they want without worrying about breaking brackets or food getting stuck behind them. Children can eat the food of their choice by simply removing aligners. Over the course of the treatment, children don't have to sacrifice their favorite food. However, they brush their teeth every time after eating sticky, sugary, and crunchy food.

The time duration of treatment is shortened:

Compared to the traditional braces, Invisalign can give you your desired smile fifty percent faster. You don't have to wait for a long time to spread your beautiful smile. The time duration for wearing retainers depends on the individual's specific condition. A dentist takes several factors into account to determine how long the patient needs to wear it. Children have to wear traditional braces for about two years to fix their teeth, but Invisalign needs only between 18 to 24 weeks to treat the condition.

Breaking bad habits:

Teeth grinding during sleep is very common among children. Children with such habits often complain about the sore jaw, neck pains, or headaches. This habit of teeth grinding can be changed with Invisalign as the aligners provide an extra layer of protection to your child's teeth. It also realigned their bite, preventing them from grinding teeth.

Invisalign does not affect the speech:

Invisalign can also be effective in improving your child’s speech as the clear aligners which are made out of plastic slide right over the teeth once installed. The process is completely painless, which leads the child to believe that the desired smile is achievable without any pain. Aligners are perfectly fitted and don’t bother children in any way while they speak. Parents don’t have to worry about their children’s speech when they opt for Invisalign.

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Aligners are invisible:

Invisalign is popular not only because the treatment brings desired results, but it gives result discreetly with invisible aligners. Traditional braces often lead children to feel self-conscious. To eliminate that, Invisalign aligners are considered an excellent alternative. Children love that the treatment does not make them look different and they can still get the beautiful straight teeth when it's over.


Traditional braces take longer time to straighten the teeth, while Invisalign can give a better result within just weeks. Invisalign aligners are removable and it helps to maintain better dental hygiene during the treatment. Habits of teeth grinding can also be changed with Invisalign. The invisible aligners do not make a child feel self-conscious about looks and gives confidence.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Bella Vista for child dental care, you should choose a dental clinic based on the reviews given by previous patients. Find a reputed clinic and give your children a beautiful smile within your budget.