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Things You Should Know About Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

19 Nov 19 News
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In the last few years, cosmetic anti-ageing procedures have become more mainstream. However, most women want to have a youthful appearance, and apparently, they want to start with the less invasive treatments. Injections and dermal fillers are the most common facial rejuvenation treatments that women prefer. However, some women consider facial rejuvenation surgery for long-lasting results.

If you are planning to have facial rejuvenation surgery, you should be aware of the following things.


The procedure involves tightening sagging skin around neck and face. The surgery is performed in the operating room after the patient is given general anesthesia.

During the surgery, surgeons make small cuts around the earlobes, which is an efficient way to hide any surgical scarring. However, the surgeon ensures that there is minimum surgical scarring. The loose skin from the face and neck is lifted and pulled back. Before closing the incision, the surgeon removes the excess skin. One can opt for a face-lift to address the following treatments.

  • Double chin

  • Fixing the jowls on the jawline

  • Midface dropping

  • Loose skin around the neck

  • Treating the marionette lines between the nose and mouth

One should find a reputed skin rejuvenation clinic to have a facelift for a satisfactory result. Less invasive procedures like injections last around eight to twenty-four months, while a facelift surgery lasts for years.

Facial Rejuvenation


People have many misconceptions about the recovery time after facelift surgery, and one of the most common among them is that it takes around six weeks to have the desired look. However, for most women, only ten to fourteen days are enough.

During the recovery period, you may have to experience some swelling and bruising. You will receive proper guidance from your surgeon for post-surgical care. You will also receive recommendations to speed up your healing.

High quality facelift:

Women avoid taking facial rejuvenation services as they have heard the negative stories about the treatment. Here, where proper research is required while finding the clinic. The primary purpose of the procedure is to look more youthful and attractive. Women want to be confident by being positively talked about among their circles.

A study conducted by measuring the impacts of a facelift on the casual observer noted that high quality facelift considered as more attractive, healthier, and also professionally successful. It involved showing the before and after photos of a facelift to 500 online participants. They were instructed to note the attractiveness, overall health, and perceived success of the women in the pictures and the research concluded that only high quality facelift received positive feedback.

It shows that the treatment should be received from a surgeon who has an excellent track record of providing desired results.

Facial Rejuvenation

The risk associated with the treatment:

There are no life-threatening risks that come along with the skin rejuvenation treatments. However, before you head into the operation room, you should consider the following things.

  • General anesthesia is risky for some people, such as older adults and people suffering from obesity and diabetes.
  • If you are taking any medications for clotting, then it puts you at higher risk of bleeding during the surgery, which also applies to the heavy smokers.
  • If general anesthesia is not the right option for you, then the surgeon will operate using local anesthesia, which numbs the facial area.

Importance of finding the right surgeon:

Your desire of looking younger and more attractive can be fulfilled adequately when you have an experienced surgeon by your side. Most women are concerned about how their face will look after the surgery. If the surgery is performed well, you won't have to worry about it as it will look natural and go unnoticed.

You should look for a reputed clinic which has received positive reviews from its patients. You can ask for before and after photos of the patients so you can judge whether the surgery is performed well or not. You should also ask of the clinic collects the data of the surgery outcome, especially the data of the patients' satisfaction. If most of them are satisfied with the result even after years, then the chances are that you will get desired results with the procedure.

Less invasive treatments:

Women who are not ready for facelift treatment should opt for inject-able fillers or wrinkle relaxants treatment. Using inject-able fillers addresses the sinking cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth area. With proper treatment of dermal filler, you can expect to have fuller lips, no lines around the lip area, and also added volume and shape of other areas of the face.

Today, you can receive quality non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments from a reliable dental clinic. Dental care providers are focused on giving people cosmetic treatment to enhance their appearance within their budget. If you are living in Bella Vista, then look for a reputed Bella Vista dental care clinic to receive quality treatment. Such clinics use only high quality medically approved products so you never have to disappoint looking at the mirror.


There is no need to avoid or postponing skin rejuvenation treatment just because you are not sure whether you will get adequate results or not. Find a reputed clinic to receive a proper face-lift and other non-invasive treatments. Knowing these things associated with the treatment will help you ask the right questions to your surgeon and make the right decision.