24May 2017
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You rub your tongue on your front teeth. Smoother than porcelain. You just hopped out of your dentist’s chair and your mouth has never felt this clean before. There’s nothing like a professional teeth cleaning to get you feeling good, but unfortunately this glory will only last a few days. Soon enough, your sparkling teeth […]

23Jan 2017

5 Advantages of Invisible trays over traditional braces There have been many advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry. However perhaps the most exciting so far is the creation of clear or invisible braces. For many people this is a god send! Not only can crooked teeth make you feel less confident in your smile […]

09Dec 2016

Oil Pulling: Here to stay or just a fad?   The truths and myths; In the world of dentistry, there will always be the passing fads and crazes. One of these fads that has stuck around for quite a while is the concept of oil pulling or rinsing. As with any new fad or craze, […]

21Nov 2016

  Professional teeth whitening Explained Teeth whitening has become more and more mainstream in society with several companies now offering both at home kits and professional whitening carried out by dentists. It is so important to understand the products you are using and how to get the most out of them. So, let’s take a […]

30Aug 2016

The hardest part of the human body? Tooth enamel. Surveys indicate that 50% of people say that someone’s smile is the first thing they notice about a person. When you don’t floss, you miss cleaning up to 40% of your tooth’s surface area. In Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, braces are considered super cool. More people […]